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Jumbo Jet

Checkers Set

This is a pattern for the creation of a great big quilt-style Checkers set, perfect for backyard picnics and living room slumber parties!


The completed set will include 24 playing pieces, 12 yoyo “crowns”, and a quilt-style checkerboard with two big inside pockets for storage. The whole thing ties up nice and cute with a big decorative ribbon. 


This pattern is suitable for machine piecing and rotary cutting, but can easily be sewn by hand as well. 

For those who are new to quiltmaking, directions for finishing (tying and binding) your checkerboard are included. For those new to checkers, directions for game play are included as well!


Click Here for Yardage Requirements


Hard Copy, or Downloadable PDF options are available. 


Written and Illustrated

by Reyna de Courcy

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