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"Ocean" Edit

A paired-down selection for quilt shops interested in nautical, beach-home whimsy.


61" x 74"

"Beach" Edit

For shops with a deeper commitment to fun.


62" x 62"

"Aficionado" Edit

A squid-free edit for those who appreciate the fine art of fountain pens.


About the artist

Growing up in small town Southern Oregon as the daughter of two prolific artists, art has been front and center in Reyna’s life since before she can remember. She spent much of her formative years dabbling in everything from acrylics & ceramics, to screenwriting & theatre arts. Quiltmaking became a singular obsession.

    After graduating from Mason Gross School of the Arts, Reyna moved to New York City where she found her place as a Quilt Store Lady. First at The City Quilter, and then at Gotham Quilts, life in a big city quilt shop has afforded Reyna the opportunity to engage with quilters from all over the world for the last 10 years. Reyna began teaching classes in 2014 specializing in English Paper Piecing, and in 2020 she and her sister Tahli began writing and publishing quilt patterns as BrambleBrains.

    Reyna cuts fabric for quilters all day long, and then goes home to rifle through her fabric stash in the evening, and then falls asleep scrolling through fabric swatches the way some people scroll through Twitter. In short, Reyna loves fabric.

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