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We are sisters from small-town Southern Oregon now living and quilting in New York City. We offer quilting services including custom made quilts, as well as classes and lessons to make your own.


Tahli has been my sister ever since she was born 3 days after my 4th birthday.

Like many in our family, Tahli is an artist who has explored a variety of media. Among her many artistic adventures, she became a published poet when still in elementary school, and elevated hairstyling to fine art during her high school years (sometimes getting up before sunrise to test complex styling theories).

In 2005 Tahli relocated to NYC to attend Parsons School of Design where she earned a BFA in photography. Tahli's photography is personal, imaginative and experimental.

Today, her formal education in fine art, unique sense of personal style, and commitment to experimentation are all evidenced in her quilts. Tahli’s quilts have their roots in traditional quilt design, but always branch out into fresh new wildness. They all have a poetry about them.

Tahli is also a fabulous instructor. As a calm, generous, and endlessly patient person, she cultivates an intimate and relaxing atmosphere that makes learning easy.


Ever since she taught me my first word (Batman), and how to escape from my crib, Reyna has been teaching me countless valuable lessons and introducing me to all kinds of new ideas and fun adventures. After running away to join the circus (aka Mason Gross School of The Arts), Reyna's acting career and my photography career brought us back together in the coolest city in America (New York City). 

For the last 15 years, Reyna has performed in a variety of fascinating projects across the country, from critically acclaimed theater productions such as Rebecca Gilman's Luna Gale at the Goodman Theatre,  and Samuel D. Hunter's The Whale at Playwright's Horizons, to wacky fun shows like Brian Smallwoods's Twelfth Night of the Living Dead

Throughout the years, her love of quilting (inherited from our family), gradually became a bigger part of her life as we both became acquainted with the wonderful quilting community here in New York. She has now developed a series of original patterns and classes, which she has taught at many of the local shops here in the city. 



Pterodactyl has been a member of our household, and our quilt studio since she was just a teeny mouthful of fur. 

Ever the fickle creative type, she is at times the very portrait of a well-mannered studio cat, and at other times, she is a lightning-bolt of wholesale destruction. She has been the demise of not one, but two design walls. 

Her silky black fur is nearly invisible when the lights are off in our hallway, so she appears as a cluster of disembodied marshmallow paws. Sometimes when the lights are low, she is entirely invisible. She is often mistaken for vague darkness, and vague darkness is often mistaken for her.

A consummate smarty-pants, she has figured out where the red dot is coming from, but doesn't let that diminish the fun of chasing it.

We look forward to continued tummy-kneading, and epic rounds trying to get her out of the studio when she doesn't want to go. 

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