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In deep dark marshlands around the world, phosphine, diphosphate, and methane (produced by organic decay) oxidize and spontaneously ignite creating tiny ephemeral fires. This, of course, is just a fancy way to say that the swamps of the world are full of ghosts, fairies, spirits, and dragons! Depending on what part of the world you are in, they are called Will-O’-The-Wisp, Spunkie, Chir Batti, Luces del Tesoro, Aleya, Boitatá, Naga Fireballs, Paasselkä Devils, or simply Swamp Lights.

This quilt is inspired by all of these mysterious phenomena.


Recommended for relatively experienced quilters, this project employs English Paper Piecing, Appliqué, and regular piecing to construct a throw-size hexagonal quilt.

The finished quilt measures 61” point-to-point.

Click Here for Yardage and Notion Requirements


The set includes the quilt pattern (8.5”x11”) with detailed directions

and hand-drawn illustrations, and the 96 machine-cut paper pieces needed for the English Paper Piecing element of the project. 


Written and Illustrated

by Reyna de Courcy

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